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  Earl O Melvin. 

Heart and Entertainment


My goal in life is to be creative and influential. Throughout my childhood I have had an extraordinary passion for bringing audiences to their feet in bursts of rapid applause. I've hone these talents throughout my adolescence years, producing vibrant productions in the basement of my childhood home and educational intuitions. My assiduity to detail and enthusiasm for the arts allows me to express organic creativity, to produce simple yet effective results. The humanitarian arts have afforded me the opportunity to influence learn and grow as an artist, while craving new challenging endeavors. 

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from the University of Maryland at College Park. Overwhelmed with economic adversities my dedication for success allowed me to always work diligently to perfect my craft. Moreover, throughout recent years I have become an influential figure in my community, working with multiple philanthropies throughout art related events. My creativity is ignited by experiences through faith and genuine love for all mankind while growing up in Baltimore City. As a  Visual Artist and lover of Architecture . I primarily focus on the decaying urban environment. My capability to visually represent discarded structures into works of Art, has allowed many to learn more about the urban experience and its influences. Above all, I've learned that my creative mentality has enhanced my ability to communicate new ideas and perspectives. 

Recently I have drawn attention to African American Communities in the city I am from. Moving back home to Baltimore has been a blessing. I am in a direct position to positively impact the lives of those who reside in historic Upton. I intend to use my experience in independent and community based film to usher in a new renaissance in Black Arts in Baltimore, Pennsylvania Ave. The Spirit of the jazz, blues, and human expression lives through artist and we must be a part of the community to evoke that much needed change. I have started Community film projects in Upton. Including, a film documentary with Jim Reid, Sculptor of the Billie Holiday statue. Independent film and acting opportunities for the youth and young adults. A Theatrical shadow casting for film fans and film buffs willing to express themselves and challenge social norms. Our history of moving sound will merge with the strong visual present. 

Below is a brief look at my initiatives and projects. 

Creative Endeavors 

Arts Educator – (Art) Costume Design (Shrek) – Two- Rivers Middle School. Washington D.C. 2016

Creative Director - Tunnel of Oppression - Humanitarian Exhibit high lighting social injustice throughout the world. College Park, Maryland. 

Producer, Director - 

Chocolate Covered Rocky Horror- A philanthropic Shadow-cast ensemble mentioned in Rolling Stone Magazine and USA Today. 

American Heart Association (General Health) - 2015 Hyattsville, MD

Us Helping Us (HIV/STD Awareness) – 2015 Washington D.C.

Active Minds (Mental Health Awareness) – 2016 Washington D.C 

BCCC- GLCCB- (Sexual Health Series, Healthy Relationships, Gender and Identity Seminar) – Baltimore 2017

Features and Events 

RAW ARTIST - Baltimore. 2015

RAW ARTIST - D.C. 2017

Earl Orrin Productions launch Independent & Community Film – 2018. Writer, Director, Producer. 

Media and Mentions

FOX 5 News 

Rolling Stone

USA Today

The Washington Post

City Paper

The Gazette 

The Diamondback 

Regional Podcast and Vlog

A/V  Audio Visual Career

I began my A/V career at the Baltimore Convention Center.

Since 2004 I have been consistently providing A/V support for the regions top venues including The Willard Intercontinental,  Verizon Center, D.C Convention Center. Baltimore Convention Center & The Tremont Grand. 

I.T Support and Audio Visual Technician Employers

Projection Presentation Technology. Baltimore, MD

Local 22 Theatrical Stage Hand Union. D.C  

Oliver T. Carr Hospitality. D.C 

Audio Visual Systems. D.C 

State Of Maryland. Baltimore, MD 


I revisited the House I was raised In 10 Years After we moved out. #urbandecay #baltimore #eastside


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